A coalition of NFT collectors, speculators, and degenerate bad-asses.

This is a project for strong hands, so if your hands are made of paper - you do not belong in the Cartel.

Minting is complete.

Teaser Cartel Logo


/kɑːˈtɛl/ – noun
a coalition or cooperative arrangement between political parties intended to promote a mutual interest.



Q4 2021

  • Mint NFT collection
  • Fund community warchest
  • Secondary marketplace listings
  • Rarity tools listings
  • Formation of Cartel DAO
  • Execute warchest proposals

Q1 2022

  • web3 Ranchero
  • Investment review
  • $DRUGS airdrop
  • Execute new DAO proposals
  • Take over

Frequently Asked Questions

Minting is now complete.

  • Mint price 0.15 SOL
  • 3023 supply
  • Zero team allocation

The Cartel DAO community warchest will be funded by the initial sale, and bolstered by secondary sales.

  • 40% of initial sale
  • 40% of secondary sales fees

This is our top priority.

  • Solana's first and only human form 24 bit pixel art profile picture that is not found in a zoo or a vege patch.
  • Membership to the Cartel DAO and work directly with some of Solana's finest degenerates, and leading crypto investors.
  • Leverage the significant community warchest fund with the sole purpose of rewarding long-term holders.


Quality Control
Human Trafficking